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What is Energy Automation - Take your energy into your own hands


Energy automation is used by homeowners to proficiently manage the consumption of energy in your home and the electronics powered in your household. As a result, lesser energy is consumed, which benefits not only to you but to the community and the environment as well.

It’s the combination of automation software, smart circuit breakers, and other components, like your home’s automated lighting and electronic window shades. Optimizing your home to be energy-efficient allows you to beat the summer heat without compensating costs.

How Energy Automation Works?

EcoLinx and energy automation software improve your home automation system. It works by incorporating the two with both residential solar and energy storage. As a result, it gives clean technology to people who use smart homes, allowing ecoLinx to make sure energy is smartly distributed.

This gives you an edge as home devices are powered by solar energy, the cleanest energy available to date.

Sonnen ecoLinx is a smart storage system, which is combined with circuit breakers alongside home automation systems. You can freely control your home’s system, using a smart device for optimal convenience.

There are smart components intact and software for full control of your smart home. You can freely leave your house in full confidence, just switch on its auto-pilot mode, and you’re good to go.

The software automatically does micro-adjustments to your home’s power usage and room temperature. These are the little things that can help you accumulate a lot in savings.


A solar power system isn’t complete without its main components, and these are the solar panels, charge controllers, sonnen battery for energy storage, and an inverter.

Energy automation combines the solar power system and main energy mechanisms to ensure you’re in a well-optimized, energy-efficient smart home. It doesn’t compromise comfort while saving on energy.


ecoLinx comes with a built-in feature that detects harsh weather, sending you a notification if there’s a possible power outage. At the same time, it instantly increases your home’s power reserve. This ensures you and your family’s routine isn’t affected by the downtime.

Energy Automation - Main Applications


Through the utilization of top automation systems and circuit breakers, the software gives you the power to choose the length of your back-up power during a power outage. What’s more, the system manages how the deposited energy is used for efficiency.


It delivers smart weather forecasting, which has the feature of detecting severe weather changes. In addition, it prompts you a message for any potential outages in your area. As soon as the system detects a threat, it increases its backup power reserve in cases of emergencies. The software makes sure everyone under the roof is protected during the inconvenience.


The system uses top of the line software and technology, which automatically maximizes the stored energy. It offsets the peak device rates and feeds the home power with the use of clean energy.

Generally speaking, it enables you to use cleaner and cheaper energy accumulated during day time, and re-deploy the energy in the evening, which is typically the peak hours. It significantly reduces carbon footprint, helping the environment and your local community.

It follows an efficient system where it stores energy when it’s cheaper and abundant, and where it powers your home with the stored energy when it’s expensive and scarce.


The smart automation software delivers a versatile user interface, which incorporates with Crestron to efficiently manage smart devices in your home. These are your shades, thermostats, and lights.


Our ultra-smart software integrates with the current solar system, which gives you access to the advantages of energy production 24/7. It fundamentally manages solar energy during daytime, and stores excess energy for evening usage.

Are you ready to get smart about your home's energy usage?

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