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4 Differences Between Crestron Home Automation and Control4 Home Automation

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Smart homes are taking over houses, and everyone’s loving it! Companies are continuously coming up with innovative home automation systems due to demand.
While there are dozens of home automation systems in the market, there are two that stand out from the competitors: Crestron and Control 4.
Heated debates are springing up on the internet, and we’re here to settle the score once and for all. Today, we’re going to put the top 2 contenders head to head, and see how they do against each other.

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High-End Home Theater - Choosing the Best for Your Smart Home

crestron home theater

A high-end home theater is everyone’s dream, and we make sure we turn your dream into reality with our tailor-made cinema system. We understand how there’s no one-size-fits-all in this industry, and having a customized system that speaks your theme and style is a long process.

We’re a team of professionals who are dedicated to guiding you in creating your high-end home theater. At Digital Lifestyle Solutions, we don’t take things lightly, and we take every detail, regardless of how small it is, into account.

Ultimately, our goal is to give you a true Atlanta Home Theater experience. Our team designs, engineers, installs and calibrates your home theater to create your ideal media room. After all, a home theater room is more than just a sofa and a screen.

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Crestron Smart Home


Not all smart homes are created or programmed equally. Learn what goes into making an unparalleled experience, a Crestron Smart Home.

Every Crestron Smart Home is unique and built upon your idea of home. Your life, love, tastes, and passions breathe life into your space. At a foundational level, you want your home to be inviting and comfortable while also being a place that is entertaining and secure.

Smart home technology should be intuitive and simple, responding instantly to your voice or touch of a button. A perfectly programmed smart home system will blend into the background leaving you only with the experience. An experience that is home.

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Automation Unplugged: Rohan Dunbar of DLSAV

Top Signs You Should Update Your Conference Rooms

Here is DLSAV's owner Rohan featured on OneFirefly's Automation Unplugged Show #102!

Rohan got his start in the AV business in 2005 and worked at Audio Command Systems in Westbury, NY learning how to install smart systems in high end homes. It wasn't until 2008 that he began working closely with Crestron control systems for Residential and Commercial spaces.

Rohan founded Digital Lifestyle Solutions out of Atlanta in 2008 and focused on being a CSP (Crestron Service Provider). Once he began taking over existing projects as a Crestron dealer is when he decided to make the transition to turn Digital Lifestyle Solutions into an installation company in 2017.

Recorded live on Wednesday, March 25th at 12:30pm EST.

Click Here to Watch Now!

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Crestron's Design Build Professional Program

It’s no secret that now, more than ever, smart home technology is becoming a huge part of the way homes are designed. The truth is a lot of designers, builders, and architects don’t have the experience required to create the best smart home experience. Just as smart home designers don’t necessarily know how to build a home from scratch.

There lies the opportunity for a very profitable partnership. The experts at Digital Lifestyle Solutions can guide you through the complex landscape of smart home products and solutions. We are a certified Crestron dealer which means we can provide you access to the best in convenience, comfort, and security for your clients’ lifestyle.


Join the Crestron Family!

Become our partner through the Crestron Design Build Program (DBP). The Crestron DBP is free to join, and it offers many benefits to all our partnered designers, builders and architects.

  • Education on how Crestron technology fits seamlessly with your interior and building design projects
  • CEU courses
  • Invitations to exclusive events
  • State-of-the-art design tools
  • Preferred access to Crestron Design Showrooms worldwide
  • Referral incentives
  • Special deals for personal use Crestron products for your office, showroom, or home
  • Dedicated Crestron business development manager who’ll help you maximize your program membership
  • Full support, backing, and pioneering innovation from the most trusted and recognized brand in smart home technology

Enhance your clients’ lifestyle and your bottom line

We’re confident that we will quickly become your “go-to” source for all of your automation needs in North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, and Georgia. From Crestron lighting control systems, luxury home automation, climate, and security control systems to dedicated home theaters, the A/V professionals at Digital Lifestyle Solutions can provide next-level automation services to your next project.

It’s easy to join

  1. To qualify for membership in the Crestron Design Build Partner Program, applicant’s profession must be at least one of the following: Architect, Builder, Developer, Electrical Engineer, Interior Designer, or Lighting Designer
  2. Contact us and we'll assist you with completing the Design Build Professional Contact Form.
  3. You’ll receive a Crestron DBP agreement that provides the guidelines for participation in the program (you’ll be asked to provide your official design credentials, and W9 as part of the process)
  4. Once on-boarded, you can begin to register your projects via a simple registration form
  5. From that point, Crestron will partner you Digital Lifestyle Solutions, your Certified Crestron Technology Professional.

As part of this agreement, you’ll be required to attend an annual educational seminar to ensure you’re fully up to speed on the latest Crestron technology.

Let’s do this!

Contact us today and we’ll walk you through getting started!

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ecoLinx Energy Automation: 9 Advantages of Sonnen Battery

sonnenBatterie eco nested2

Sonnen Battery fuses home automation and clean energy, creating the ultimate eco-friendly smart home. ecoLinx is the world’s first energy management system, which generates energy automation.

It’s your smart home’s all-in-one energy management solution that can be integrated with the industry’s leading home automation systems, like Creston and Control4. It delivers manageable circuit breakers, so you can fully manage your home’s energy usage.

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What is Energy Automation - Take your energy into your own hands


Energy automation is used by homeowners to proficiently manage the consumption of energy in your home and the electronics powered in your household. As a result, lesser energy is consumed, which benefits not only to you but to the community and the environment as well.

It’s the combination of automation software, smart circuit breakers, and other components, like your home’s automated lighting and electronic window shades. Optimizing your home to be energy-efficient allows you to beat the summer heat without compensating costs.

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Solar Power Battery Backupbright-solar-energy-automation-home

When there is a power outage all you can think of is how fast can we get the electricity back on, Will my cool goods spoil? How long can we go without heat or air conditioning? You need a backup that will always be ready to kick in if there is a power cut. Such a backup can be efficiently provided with a solar-powered battery backup.

The solar battery can easily be charged with the help of solar panels attached to the roof of the house and it can be fired up during an emergency. People tend to use such a backup when their power isn’t reliable enough.

With various types of automation technology in the market, there are smart solar backup systems that can provide the necessary backup power.


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Getting Started with Commercial Automation

commercial audio visual

Ever since technology has become an integral part of everything around us, automation has become an innovative way to do tasks. It has made human lives much easier and commercial automation has helped businesses beyond imagination.

There are various business applications for automation especially in workplaces, industries, retailers, and the field of education. However, this article will cover the importance of AV (audio and video) automation in the commercial sector.

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Top Signs You Should Update Your Office Technology

Top Signs You Should Update Your Conference Rooms

As businesses keep evolving, their infrastructure also needs a little re-establishment. But unlike the other important office equipment, there are a lot of options when it comes to technical commodities like the phone, camera, and other video conferencing devices. With a wide range of products and companies to choose from, deciding on an upgraded version of the technology can be daunting.


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