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DIGITAL LIFESTYLE SOLUTIONS: Luxury Home Automation - Atlanta

Atlanta Home Theater

Whether you have an established smart home or are just starting out, a custom home theater system can be a valuable addition. Bringing a true cinema experience into your home is so much more than a large flat-screen television and some speakers. Our experts work to design something truly spectacular that fulfills your needs and desires.

A True Cinematic Experience

We combine the right acoustics, lighting, electronics, controls, and interior design to take your breath away. With names like Triad, Digital Projection, Cortex, Artcoustic and of course Crestron controls you can rest assured the quality is top of the line. Our experts will program everything so you can control your new technology with ease!

Media Rooms

With all the technology out there, we know that your home theater space may need to perform multiple functions. This is why we take the overall design and functionality of the space into consideration. The aesthetics and beauty of the space should not suffer at the hands of high-end tech! We work to use décor and hidden components to complement and elevate the space. Your audio and video may be so inconspicuous, you might forget it was there (until you turn on the audio of course!).

Game Rooms

Maybe you aren’t just looking to watch great movies or sports in your space, maybe you have a younger member of the family (or those young at heart) that love video games. Gone are the days of Pong and Super Mario (although we love the old favorites). Today’s games command the best in screen, projection and audio performance. We can create a custom experience tailored to what you enjoy. Is it playing virtual sports on your 100-inch theater screen? Is it having the best surround sound for the latest fantasy game? We can help bring your gaming experience to life with our customized Atlanta home theater system.

Home Automation

The core of our business is home automation and we offer the best in the industry with Crestron. Our custom programmed home automation system can start with your home theater system or you can tie your new home theater into an existing automation system. This technology helps it all come together and allows you push-button control of everything.

Imagine if when you decided to sit down for family movie night you simply select your “movie” scene. With this press of a button your shades close, lights dim at the perfect level, your screen comes down, sound kicks on, the temperature of the home is adjusted, and your doors are locked with the alarm set. Forget toying around with three different remoted just to get the picture and surround sound!

There is so much a home automation system can offer. Yes, lighting and temperature control are key to a great home theater but think about the energy savings aspect. Energy automation is new and on the rise in today's smart homes. These systems can help regulate where your energy is used and even store it into your very own battery system if you run on solar. Lose power but never miss out on your home entertainment with your very own Sonnen Battery ecoLinx energy automation system.

Hire a Custom Home Theater Professional

Sure, you could install a TV and some speakers yourself, but it wouldn’t be the same. Like we said, if it takes three remotes to get Netflix going, something is wrong! Our experts can help you design from the ground up a system that not only looks stunning but performs above the rest and is simple to control. Tie in our custom Crestron programming and you will be the envy of your block!