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DIGITAL LIFESTYLE SOLUTIONS: Luxury Home Automation - Atlanta

Who We Are

From our early roots as a full service residential and commercial automation programming company to our new suite of home and business automation integration services, the automation professionals at Digital Lifestyle Solutions possess the ability to not only assess every facet of the project, but also avoid the many pitfalls which are all too frequent in the automation industry.

For most people, the thought of transforming their home into a smart home sounds like a dream. Something out of reach. The home automation industry has come a long way from the basic automated sprinkler. Digital Lifestyle Solutions aims to educate homeowners on the opportunity to create their very own smart home. The smart home of your dreams is within reach with Crestron Home Automation Systems. 

Our Professional Services

  • Expert product knowledge and project management.
  • Initial consultation to determine the correct product is selected and all design considerations are accounted for.
  • Project management to ensure all aspects of the project stay on budget and all deadlines are met.
  • Guaranteed quality workmanship, installation, and any follow-up service needed.
  • Assistance with product selection, including Green Home Eco-Friendly products and the newest technology available.

Crestron Certified Programmer

Atlanta's Top Certified Crestron Automation Provider

Digital Lifestyle Solutions is a certified dealer of Crestron Home Automation. Crestron's reputation for high-quality systems has made them a leader in the automation industry. From heating and cooling to lighting solutions, they have an answer for everything. Most importantly, a Crestron system can improve the safety and security of a user's home. Smoke detectors, alarm systems, cameras, locks, doors, and windows connect to bring you a high level of protection.

Of course, there are many home automation vendors out there. Few of them have been able to produce such a comprehensive solution. Crestron is the pioneer when it comes to setting an example of how automation systems should work. Their team of engineers pays special attention to time-related commands. This allows people to schedule their automation systems. So, their lights can turn on or off at different times of the day according to a schedule.

Our Mission

At Digital Lifestyle Solutions, we’re confident that we will quickly become your “go-to” source for all of your automation needs in Buckhead, Alpharetta, and the greater Atlanta area. From Crestron lighting control systems, luxury home automation, climate, and security control systems to dedicated home theaters, the A/V professionals at Digital Lifestyle Solutions can provide next-level automation services to your next project.

Crestron Certified Design

Luxury and customization are the two mantras that Digital Lifestyle Solutions lives by. We are never afraid to try something new with automation programming and by design, our solutions will elevate your lifestyle. Imagine the west-facing window in the bedroom, letting too much light. Use Crestron’s smart motorized blinds and program it to shut at noon every day. Or, a dog caretaker comes to take the dog for a walk at 10 in the morning. Program the front door to open at that time and lock it at 11 upon their return. The possibilities are endless. That’s where Digital Lifestyle Solutions is bringing a change in people's lives. Another area that we have managed successfully is remote access and monitoring. Our two-way system allows you to connect your tablet or smartphone with your home automation network. You can control your entire system by voice or the tap of a screen from anywhere in the world. Headed home from work? A mere tap on the smartphone can set the lights, turn on your favorite music and unlock the door for your arrival.

Save Time, Energy, and Money

Our monitoring systems can offer you more control and insight of your home's energy usage. For example, if you forget to switch the lights or stove off, simply use your smart device to turn everything off. Your energy automation system can provide insights into the energy usage of various appliances in the home. You can use to make an informed decision on when to run certain things. This is especially useful when your home is ran on solar.

Enhance Your Lifestyle with Digital Lifestyle Solutions

Contact us today and we'll walk you through getting started. We can put together a perfectly custom fit home automation system for anyone. Just answer a few questions and we will provide you with options and prices most suitable for your needs. We offer reliable, professional installation of fully-integrated Crestron home automation systems. What this means is you never have to worry about mix and match components, or figuring out how to program complicated software. You can count on our professionals to install and set up your smart home system so it's all ready to go with zero maintenance from you. Call us now to get started!


  • Crestron Master Programmer
  • Crestron Fusion Certified Programmer
  • Crestron Digital Media Certified – 4K
  • Sonnen Certified Partner