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DIGITAL LIFESTYLE SOLUTIONS: Luxury Home Automation - Atlanta

Hear What Our Clients Have To Say...

Find out how our systems throughout Johns Creek, Duluth and the greater Atlanta area have transformed our clients' lives. From Crestron home automation to distributed audio systems, we offer the best technology and customer service.

"Total Home Automation has always been a dream of mine. I initially started down this path around five years ago with someone who was unable to actually get the project completed correctly. Needless to say several thousands of dollars later, I still did not have my home automated like I wanted. That is when I was referred to Rohan Dunbar with Digital Lifestyle Solutions. Rohan was able to quickly assess what was needed and put a plan into place to have me up and running. Using the Crestron system, my home is now 100% automated! I am able to open my garage doors, control the alarm system, turn on and off all lights in the house. I can control every single TV and the thermostats. What was unbelievable is that I can now control my swimming pool temps and lighting and control my gate. All of this is controlled using my IPADs and Phone which were programmed by Rohan with the Crestron app. I can honestly say this has made my home much more enjoyable and my life much easier. Rohan Dunbar really can be called a lifesaver for what he was able to do with my home automation! After being disappointed many times prior, I thank the day that the referral was made to Rohan Dunbar. He was able to make it happen."

- George Jones, Homeowner

"When I bought my home I found that it was originally built with COAX to be the primary audio/video distribution method. My family and I are huge HD people; If we are going to view it, want to see it as clear and as crisp as possible. We contacted Digital Lifestyle Solutions, (DLS) to come in to do an assessment and make a recommendation on what we needed. We have 10 rooms , 12 TV’s and 14 sources and we wanted every source available in every room. We also wanted lighting, HVAC and Security controlled as well. Utilizing the power of Crestron Digital Media components and Crestron Automation Processors, DLS automated my whole home. I can now control every aspect of my home locally or remotely via my iPad, iPhone or PC. DLS made multiple changes throughout the install on a moment’s notice and always delivered the best service. My home automation system is the rave anytime we have friends and family over. I am thrilled with the quality of the products, but more importantly I am thrilled with the company that made it happen, DLS. As new technology comes out I will continue to look to DLS to enhance and upgrade my Crestron system to ensure it remains as enjoyable as it is today."

- Andre Jennings, Homeowner

"I bought a house with a Crestron system and the original installer was not in business anymore. I literally went through 4 companies before I found Rohan and Digital Lifestyle Solutions. The prior companies either wanted to charge a lot to reprogram or wanted me to change hardware completely. It was great to talk with an actual programmer versus a salesman or hardware installer. Dealing directly with Rohan saved me hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. I highly recommend him if you have a Crestron system or are thinking about installing one. If you have one and you are looking at repairing or improving the system, give him a call."

- Calvin Pittman, Homeowner

"They were professional and trustworthy. It was a big project that took some time, and they were flexible with my schedule as well. Their follow up has been great. We really enjoy our Crestron system."

- Bransley, Homeowner

"Rohan Dunbar and his support team from Digital Life Style Solutions provided Very professional and courteous service for replacement of our Crestron System. His knowledge in Crestron was excellent resulting in better choices for us to receive appropriate services without any unnecessary extras. He is very polite and professional with a high quality and honest service oriented person. I would definitely recommend him without any reservation."

- Shaw, Homeowner

"We had a few different companies out to set up our system and it never worked properly until we hired Rohan with digital lifestyles. Highly recommend this company!"

- Sciavicco, Homeowner

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