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Top Signs You Should Update Your Office Technology

Top Signs You Should Update Your Conference Rooms

As businesses keep evolving, their infrastructure also needs a little re-establishment. But unlike the other important office equipment, there are a lot of options when it comes to technical commodities like the phone, camera, and other video conferencing devices. With a wide range of products and companies to choose from, deciding on an upgraded version of the technology can be daunting.


Keeping technology up to date for communication devices can be useful for the business as well. It shows the customers and clients that your business is on the cutting edge. Upgraded technology also helps employees communicate and perform better, hence increasing morale and productivity.

Often times, the workload is so intense that the company does not pay enough attention to upgrading technology; as long as it is doing the bare minimum and functioning, nothing gets upgraded. Once the signs are visible and start affecting business, that’s when the company decides to take the right step.

The way you and your company respond and interact with people builds an image of you in the market. The better the technology, the better the communication will be. That itself brings legitimacy to your organization. But with confusing options to choose from, where every company claims to give the best possible outcome, it can be challenging to pay attention to the new tech as well as run a business.

The easiest way to figure out that your office technology has to be improved is to look for signs that show potential problems in technology, which affects the productivity of the office. Here we have made a list of the top issues every office faces before getting an upgrade.

Signs that you need to upgrade your office technology:

Displays are not working

If the displays of your workplace are flickering or need a couple of knocks to start up, then this can be a sign that the displays need to be upgraded. A workplace with outdated displays only shows how outdated the office is. Sometimes you might be able to get away with other lags, but outdated displays are awful for business.

The displays in the market today have exceptional image quality and offer a wide range of smart features. Their interactive features can convert any meeting into a large multimedia collaborative conference. It will even help improve the morale of your employees as they will get to work with smooth and hi-tech devices.

Wires Are Everywhere

Wires are not just dangerous but are also very unappealing to look at. During presentations and other conferences, if you need to attach too many cables to have a video call or give a presentation, then you need to upgrade your system.

Today there are tons of wireless technologies that have made the wire completely obsolete. Delivering better quality and durability, these wireless devices are a good investment towards an upgraded office.

Fewer wires make the office look more professional and sorted, while communication and other applications have also become faster and easier through this technology.

Inaudible Speakers and Microphones

Video conferencing and other collaborative sessions require quality speakers. If the speakers in your conference room are inaudible or have cracks and disturbances in them, then this might be the right time to get new speakers. There’s also nothing worse than getting on an important client call and the person on the other end is not able to hear you. Our solutions ensure all participants are heard regardless of their position in the room.

Speakers and microphones help everyone in the room to participate in the conference call or presentation. Smooth communication between you and your customers/clients is vital and an upgrade in this area could be the first step to a more significant and more professional business.

Things Keep Breaking Down

Many appliances are used in an office workplace; many times, these appliances have to endure the wear and tear of many employees. It is only apparent that over time, these devices stop functioning and start causing lag in the workplace.

When one piece of equipment stops working out of nowhere, that might not be a big problem, but when there are devices breaking down regularly, you might want to start thinking about an upgrade.

Audio-visual equipment like projectors often breakdown. Either that or their dimensions are not compatible with employees' laptops. Many laptops today come with an upgraded version of the software that is not compatible with the old projectors. It can be a hurdle in the office space, hence getting new and improved tech can always increase business, morale, and productivity.

Does this sound like your office?

If any of these issues sound familiar, the experts at Digital Lifestyle Solutions are here to help. We use the latest and most advanced solutions for office technology and commercial automation. Call or send us a message to get a free consultation today!