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Getting Started with Commercial Automation

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Ever since technology has become an integral part of everything around us, automation has become an innovative way to do tasks. It has made human lives much easier and commercial automation has helped businesses beyond imagination.

There are various business applications for automation especially in workplaces, industries, retailers, and the field of education. However, this article will cover the importance of AV (audio and video) automation in the commercial sector.

How Modern AV Can Transform Your Commercial Space

Businesses have become more mobile than before and are spread all across the globe. People work on the same project even though they are geographically apart and the only means of communication for such teams are various audio and visual techniques of the modern world.

A simple voice or video call can sort any issues and clear doubts. Meetings can be held via multiple conference calls spread throughout the project development. You can reach anyone just by a few clicks of a button.

Businesses are in need of various automation technologies to help make their business more efficient and fast. Automation also helps the employees to focus on crucial tasks and repetitive tasks can easily be handled by the software.

Various cloud applications have been integrated into businesses to handle invoices and accounting and even aid in business management. Businesses have been staying active 24x7 with the help of various automation applications. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an essential part of any business and with the help of chatbots, every CRM request is handled perfectly.

Currently, there are many pieces of office technology equipment available in the market and choosing the right one for your business can be crucial. Let’s have a look at the various factors to look for before purchasing an AV automation system.


High-Quality Audio

High-quality audio is essential as the communication needs to be audible as well as understandable. If one does not hear what the other person is saying, then how can they communicate effectively?

Based on the surroundings, you need to choose the perfect high-quality speakers. A ceiling or pendant speaker can be installed based on the specifications of the room. Even surface speakers can be installed. If you are outdoors, then you need weather-resistant speakers that are audible for the necessary range.

Visual Experience

Since video conferencing is crucial, there needs to be a perfect setup for the video to be viewed. A simple projector or a huge monitor on the wall is a must. To capture yourself, you need a high definition camera - a high spec webcam might suffice.

The video also has to be clear enough so that the conferencing feels natural. Meetings these days often happen over video calls and bad video quality affects them.

Good Internet Connection

Since the people are geographically separate, audio and video calls can easily be held with the help of the internet. There are various applications online that provide the best quality video calling for commercial applications.

Businesses have corporate connections with a high bandwidth (from MBps to GBps or more) to accommodate hundreds or thousands of users. There might even be multiple connections for multiple floors of the office.


Once you have good audio and video devices and even a good internet connection, you need the perfect application to automate your audio and video calls. Suppose there are weekly meetings at 4 pm on a Thursday, you can set the application to self dial the recipient at that particular time on that particular day and all you need to do is be ready for the call.

Even for effective presentation, you need the perfect application to create and run the presentation.

Which Product Can Provide All This

Creston Flex is one of the best products to enable AV automation for your commercial space. It provides a desktop phone, tablet, or a front of the room device that helps connect you to your recipients and shifts the call over to the desktop or a system for you. You can look up your contacts, track your projects as well as arrange your next meeting.

Creston has partnered up with Microsoft to provide the perfect AV experience for your team. If you upgrade to the Microsoft Team, you can use Creston in association with the Microsoft Team software.

They also offer complimentary cloud technology of Xio Cloud for a year. This cloud platform is built on Microsoft Azure and helps businesses run with the help of cloud services.

With one touch of a button, you can initiate the conference and even move the call over to a system.

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