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High-End Home Theater - Choosing the Best for Your Smart Home

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A high-end home theater is everyone’s dream, and we make sure we turn your dream into reality with our tailor-made cinema system. We understand how there’s no one-size-fits-all in this industry, and having a customized system that speaks your theme and style is a long process.

We’re a team of professionals who are dedicated to guiding you in creating your high-end home theater. At Digital Lifestyle Solutions, we don’t take things lightly, and we take every detail, regardless of how small it is, into account.

Ultimately, our goal is to give you a true Atlanta Home Theater experience. Our team designs, engineers, installs and calibrates your home theater to create your ideal media room. After all, a home theater room is more than just a sofa and a screen.

How to Build the Perfect Home Theater System


When you make the decision to create a cinema experience at home, you must decide on a dedicated space. When a home theater shares space with other activities, the overall experience is not as impressive. Sounds, lights, smells when connected to another part of the home makes your experience difficult to control.

Spare bedrooms, bonus rooms, finished basements all are great options but they must be long enough to maintain a proper viewing distance from the screen. Our highly experienced staff members will walk you through the process and help determine the most optimal location for your entertainment.


Good news! If you are adding a dedicated theater to your existing smart home this will not be too difficult. With a dedicated theater room, the first priority is to ensure you limit the amount of natural light coming into and surrounding the room. You can counteract ambient light with a high lumen projector but the best way to handle light is to remove it. Light blocking shades can also be a huge mitigator of light in the room. Since we are talking about a smart home, might as well make them automated shades!

Similar to how light will pollute your home cinema experience, surrounding sound will do the same. Even if you pick the best location in your smart home, chances are that dryer will drive you mad while you try to watch the latest blockbuster. We suggest soundproofing the room by use of additional wall coverings and solid doors.


All the components of your theater will be housed in a dedicated A/V component rack. This is the brain that controls all your entertainment. Your BluRay player, cable box, streaming boxes, game systems, sound systems all need proper space and ventilation. At DLSAV we know how to ensure your A/V rack is in an ideal location for not only aesthetics but also functionality.


Tiered luxury seating, recessed lighting, rope lights, red carpet - this is the fun part. The sky’s the limit when it comes to designing your home theater. We help you match your dream with all the technical aspects that really make your theater come alive. Just be sure to keep reflective and distracting elements away from the viewing path and screen.


Our team makes sure every room is custom-designed to speak your style and desired theme. All of our equipment is carefully picked to give you the highest home theater performance.

We deliver everything from ultra-high definition to DCI cinema content, and everything in between. If you want to have a matchless cinema experience, we’re the right people to go to. We partner with Cortex VIP Cinemas to build the best possible design for your home.

Change the way you see home theaters, and create your own reality with Cortex VIP Cinemas brought to you by Digital Lifestyle Solutions. Here are some of the components that are part of every Cortex VIP Cinema system:

  • Detailed Room Drawings
  • Professional Dolby Cinema Processor
  • Dolby Amplifiers
  • HDMI Matrix
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply
  • Isolation Transformer
  • Voltage Stabilizer and Regulator
  • Dedicated Router
  • 24 Port POE Gigabit Managed Switch
  • Remote Management
  • Custom Rack
  • Audio Calibration


So what do you say? Are you ready to get started on your dream theater today? Add a dedicated theater to your existing smart home or start your home automation journey from scratch.

Call Digital Lifestyle Solutions today to speak with one of our professionals!