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Crestron Smart Home


Not all smart homes are created or programmed equally. Learn what goes into making an unparalleled experience, a Crestron Smart Home.

Every Crestron Smart Home is unique and built upon your idea of home. Your life, love, tastes, and passions breathe life into your space. At a foundational level, you want your home to be inviting and comfortable while also being a place that is entertaining and secure.

Smart home technology should be intuitive and simple, responding instantly to your voice or touch of a button. A perfectly programmed smart home system will blend into the background leaving you only with the experience. An experience that is home.

Environment – Your Comfort

What is your idea of comfort? Comfort is not exclusive to temperature although that is an important part of it. Comfort means the right level of lighting for every occasion or time of day. As the sun moves over your home, your lighting and shades can be set to match your comfort level.

Let your home respond to your voice instantly when you say, “it’s too cold” or “it’s too dark”. A Crestron Smart Home can be set to do what you want when you want it. Set your home to automatically be at the perfect comfort level for when you wake up or arrive home from a long day at work.


You can even pre-program your home to change with the seasons! If you have that family member that tends to be cold, you can heat each room individually as well.


Let the light in or keep it out. Automated curtains, rollers, shades, blinds, romans, drapes, that come in stunning fabrics. Your shades can be set to automatically allow the morning light in for a natural wake up or keep some of the heat out of the home midday.


There are endless possibilities when it comes to setting the right tone for your events. Be it a formal dinner, a game night, holiday party or just simply reading on the couch, your home will respond to your commands. Say “evening lights” to get them at the right level for your nightly activities and then say “goodnight” to turn everything off for bedtime.

Entertainment – Be Entertained

Your Crestron Smart Home also exists to ensure you enjoy it to the fullest. Movies, music, gaming, sports, whatever you’re into we can make it happen. You can be sure that you will be able to effortlessly control every screen and every sound from your remote or mobile device.


Sit back and enjoy your Crestron Media system that brings the theater into your home. Watch your favorite shows and movies on every screen, room, indoor and outdoor. Make everyone happy with cable, streaming or gaming.


Enjoy the best audio system in the industry and fill your space with clear and precise sound. Control what you have playing in each room with the touch of a button or sound of your voice.

Security – Your Peace of Mind

Complete control of your home security system allows for complete peace of mind. Everything is at the touch of button whether you are home or away. You can set your door to unlock with your fingerprint or speak to a visitor through a video intercom.


Secure your home everywhere from anywhere. Did you forget to shut the garage or lock the door? Check your mobile device to know for sure and secure any open entry point.


See everything, guests arriving, a package delivery, and takeout for tonight’s dinner. View, listen, talk and open doors from any touch screen in the home or your mobile device. Never wonder about your home’s security or your family’s safety.

Excited to get started?

Digital Lifestyle Solutions has certified Crestron dealers and programmers standing by to help. Contact us today to learn more about how a Crestron Smart Home can change your life.