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Solar Power Battery Backupbright-solar-energy-automation-home

When there is a power outage all you can think of is how fast can we get the electricity back on, Will my cool goods spoil? How long can we go without heat or air conditioning? You need a backup that will always be ready to kick in if there is a power cut. Such a backup can be efficiently provided with a solar-powered battery backup.

The solar battery can easily be charged with the help of solar panels attached to the roof of the house and it can be fired up during an emergency. People tend to use such a backup when their power isn’t reliable enough.

With various types of automation technology in the market, there are smart solar backup systems that can provide the necessary backup power.


Cities and all major towns have planned load shedding periods throughout the day and some are unplanned outages and it is pretty irritating to be out of power when you need it the most. Using solar batteries, you can direct power to the critical load by selecting what is necessary.

Energy Automation - What is it?

Energy automation is the process of effectively using various technologies to ensure that you use only the required amount of power. It can also include using solar power efficiently. Various software and sensors can monitor human activity and help route power to the right places.

How Does Energy Automation Work?

The ecoLinx helps route the power to crucial devices and also manages how much energy is consumed. By combining ecoLinx with your energy automation system and smart circuits you can create the perfect efficient power system for your home.

Most of the energy automation software is controlled via a smart device and, with an efficient system in place, you can leave your home on auto-pilot.

Some features of energy automation:

  • Smart backup - you can set the limitations of your backup by configuring the load to be handled.
  • Weather sense - if there are any changes in the weather, the system can detect it and ensure the backup is ready.
  • Demand control and load management - this is an integral part of an energy automation system - it needs to detect the demand for power and efficiently route it. It can also manage the load.
  • Customizable User Interface -The UI of the software can be highly customized to provide the perfect functionality for your system.
  • Time-of use management - Smart systems can track the amount of energy each device consumes and help manage the amount of usage.

Energy Automation Application

There are various energy automation applications based on various requirements. Since most energy automation systems are integrated with solar energy, they provide a smart weather forecast system to detect any change in the weather to ensure your backup is ready.

Energy automation also provides a perfect system for load management and backup management. It also provides a clean source of energy and reduces your power bills.

The integration of energy automation is mostly done with cleaner forms of energy such as solar power and these two systems work together to provide the perfect smart home.

Benefits of Using Solar Backup

Unlimited Power

Since solar power is charged using the sun rays hitting the solar panels, you have an unlimited source of energy and your batteries can be charged up as soon as the sun is up. With solar power backup, you can have 0% power outage throughout.

Easy Backup

Since your battery is always charged up, you can avail backup whenever you need to. During any outage, planned or unplanned, you have the necessary power to run your home.

Government Schemes

The government is encouraging people to shift to such environmental-friendly sources of power by offering huge discounts. This has been a great motivating factor for people to set up solar energy systems at houses.


Using a solar-powered system for your house can save up huge power bills and even help provide power during outages. The cost of installation may be high, but with government schemes and considering your long-term energy costs, you may be saving more than you can imagine.

Sonnen Energy Automation

For such efficient energy automation, you need the perfect automation system. Our company has partnered up with sonnen to provide the solar power energy automation system for your house.

Sonnen EcoLinx is smart energy automation that works closely with solar power to provide environmentally-friendly power for your homes.

This system is guaranteed to run for 15 years or 15,000 cycles. This system is equipped with an inverter, battery, as well as a smart CPU.

Are you ready to get smart about your home's energy usage?

The experts at Digital Lifestyle Solutions are standing by to partner with you for your energy storage and automation needs. Call for a free consultation today!