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Crestron Flex - Your Video Conferencing Solutions

Top Signs You Should Update Your Conference Rooms

Communication and collaboration are some of the most crucial factors of any modern business. Even the slightest miscommunication can lead to huge losses and misunderstandings.

To prevent this from happening, many organizations invest a ton of money on hi-tech phones, and video conferencing solutions without knowing their specifics. These kinds of premature decisions result in bad investments with no results.

Though phones and communication have been evolving at a very fast rate for the past 25 years, certain communication collaborative solutions have not picked up the pace. Even in the era where communication and technology are at its epitome, many offices still lack a consistent user experience when it comes to video conferencing.

Crestron Flex, however, is the much-needed solution for collaborative communication. It is a completely unified communication and collaborative platform that consistently delivers a unique and simple solution in your workplace.

Be it your desktop or the boardroom, and even the places in between, Flex’s single platform is easy to use and consistently provides a hassle-free collaborative communication every office deserves.

Our Products

The P-Series

It is Crestron Flex’s first ever voice-over-IP desk phone. These are an advanced range of phones that brings the Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business experience to all the desk phones of your office.

Available at a reasonable economical price, the P-series phones can be easily integrated into your office infrastructure. The sleek and professional design of these phones makes them blend into your office vibe.

With a 7” smooth touch screen display, state of the art audio clarity you and your employees can connect with anyone, anywhere without the slightest of disturbance. The P-series can function well for 1-5 people in your workplace and is best suited for phone booths, receptions, workstations, and executive offices.

The M-Series

The M-Series is a slightly advances communication system. Our famous product, the Crestron Mercury, comes from this series. These devices are popularly known as the “Core of modern meeting spaces.” It is indeed an advanced collaborative tool that lets users present, call, and video conference instantly.

Integrated with a 4k high definition camera, four microphones with a 360-degree array, auto-zoom, and people counting feature, the M-Series is highly preferred in huddle rooms, conference rooms, and executive offices.

These devices are suitable for performing to 4-20 people at the same time, and the one-touch meeting joins make sure you join the meeting at the right time.

The B-Series

This series moves up the range, Crestron Flex’s B series offers one of the most advanced collaborative communication solutions. With full-range speakers that deliver crystal clear audio quality, this series is coupled with stellar microphone coverages. With a 4k wide angle camera, companies can enjoy its inbuilt features like auto-zoom and people counting while simultaneously delivering lifelike images during video conferences.

This setup is ideal for spacious rooms that can seat from 4 to 20 people. The Flex B-Series allows presentation, video calling, and other collaborated communication. With a 10” state of the art touch screen, conferences have never been easier. 

The C-Series

The C-Series is the most advanced product line Crestron has. These devices have a high-end technology that is an integrated UC product, that offers the most range with the same smart consistency for custom office spaces. The best part about this series is that they are suitable for large spaces like auditoriums, boardrooms, classrooms, and courtrooms.

The Crestron Flex C-Series lets the users integrate with their preferred choice of displays, cameras, microphones, amplifiers, mixers, switchers, and other audio-conferencing settings.

This series, in particular, has the power to convert any space into a highly productive collaboration space. The C series gives the Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business experience in any space, with more than 20 people. 

Crestron Flex provides the best-unified communication collaboration experience. From any workstation in any corner of the office space to the boardroom, communication has never been so simplified in a single platform. Over the years of satisfied users, Crestron has always delivered the same consistency in Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business Experience.

Your office space can finally get the collaborative communication system it deserves. With our top of the line products, The Crestron Flex experience offers organizations a perfect solution for any space and application.

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