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DIGITAL LIFESTYLE SOLUTIONS: Luxury Home Automation - Atlanta

Crestron Home Automation

Smart Home Solutions Tailored to Your Lifestyle

Crestron home automation:  The dream of having a smart home is unique for everyone, our expert designers can help you bring that dream into reality with Crestron home automation. 

Make your house always feel like the most welcoming home with the help of automation! Imagine waking up to the smell of fresh hot coffee, your favorite morning music playing from the main room, your bedroom curtains opened 'just so' to ease you into the day…

Or coming home after a long day... You simply press the 'welcome home' button and your home welcomes you by deactivating the alarm system, adjusting the temperature, drawing the curtains, adjusting lighting, and putting on your favorite music.

Whether you manually activate a program or let it all run on automated timers, home automation lets you maintain the perfect atmosphere at any time, day or night.

The Crestron Smart Home

Let Home Automation Bring Your Home to the Next Level of Comfort and Energy-Efficiency

Let's go back to the perfect morning scenario... You've finished getting ready for the day and are about to finish backing down the driveway once you check for sidewalk traffic. You open your home automation app and hit the “Away” program. The garage door closes, heating or cooling is reduced, shades close, all the lights turn off, and your home alarm is activated. Let your Crestron smart home system take care of everything and never worry about whether or not you turned everything off.

Home automation doesn't stop at perfect automation of ambiance, comfort, and security, it also lets you go “greener” than you ever could otherwise. Having your home automatically lower the thermostat and turn off lights and other appliances while you're away can save up to 25% or more on your usual energy bill.

The use of automated shades will help efficiently maintain the temperature in the home which will also improve its energy efficiency. Integrate your system with residential solar and energy storage to manage how energy is consumed and how devices are powered throughout your home for even more savings.

Everything You Need

With our extensive collection of intuitive control options, the Crestron smart home experience is always at your command. Between sleek and brilliant touch screens, ergonomic handheld remotes, and customizable designer keypads, you'll find an elegant Crestron control device to suit every space in your home.

Touch Screen Control

The center of your smart home. Control everything from a beautifully designed touch screen – control lighting, adjust the temperature, put on your favorite music all with the tap of a button.


Effortlessly entertain your guests or family with one touch. Want different music playing in the kitchen or outside? It is easy with a Crestron smart home.

Lighting Control

Set the perfect scene for a dinner party or family movie night, as the screen drops, the lights dim and you settle in for a great experience.


Keep your home and loved ones safe. Crestron gives you the freedom to control your security and monitor your cameras remotely, giving you the peace of mind you deserve while away from home.


Stay in control without limits. Use your remote to communicate, entertain and play at the touch of a button.


Take your viewing to the next level with a Crestron Home Theater system. Whether it’s cable TV, streaming the latest movie release or playing a 4k game, one touch ensures your viewing experience is optimized for whatever your choose.


Crestron motorized shade control can transform a room into a remarkable space. Designer fabrics, elegant hardware, and top-notch technology ensures you have the perfect shading solution for any room or desired environment.


Intuitive climate control ensures the perfect temperature for every season. Whether it is cold or hot outside, your smart home will adjust to ensure complete comfort and energy efficiency.

Why Use Crestron for Home Automation?

The user experience delivered by Crestron is easily the number one reason they are the undisputed leader in the smart home industry. This is largely due to the fact they are one of the only companies that designs, manufactures and supports such a full spectrum of smart home solutions. We choose Creston home automation products for our customers because our mission is to provide the best possible user experience in everything we install.

Systems that mix and match many different technologies from many different companies are prone to inconsistent and unreliable performance. Why go through the hassle when you can have a fully integrated system installed by knowledgeable professionals?

When you choose Digital Lifestyle Solutions you are choosing a Crestron system that provides an amazingly personalized and worry-free system that is easy for you to use, modify, upgrade, and maintain.

  • Convenience / More Quality Time +

    Convenience / More Quality Time +

    So many tasks related to comfort can be automated, thus saving you precious time and money. There are familiar, repeating ambiance settings we tend to prefer for each part of the day, such as dinner, watching a movie, coming home from work, leaving the house unattended, and even having a party. A smart home designed and installed by Digital Lifestyle Solutions will help you set your environments with the use of lighting, shades, temperature, video and sound all from touch screens in your home, or right on your phone or other smart device. Think of every time you've left the heat or AC on while you were gone because you didn't want it to be too cold or hot when you came home, even though you didn't need it while you were gone. A smart home automation system can do this and so much more. By making micro adjustments to your lighting, cooling, heating, and power systems you can easily improve your daily quality of life while also saving money.
  • Save Money and Go Green +

    Save Money and Go Green +

    An Atlanta, GA home with Crestron smart home technology can automatically turn off lights or lower the thermostat when you are not using them to decrease your energy bills by 10 to 25%. The use of automated shades can further improve its energy efficiency. Want even more savings and reliability? Integrate your home automation system with solar power and let the energy automation system manage how energy is consumed and how devices are powered throughout your home for even more savings.
  • Reliable When it Matters Most +

    Reliable When it Matters Most +

    Why pay for expensive home security installation and monthly monitoring when there are even better solutions with Crestron? Let your home automation system turn on your alarm and make it look like people are home by randomly turning on and off lights, opening, and closing shades periodically, or whatever you prefer to make it seem like someone's home even when no one is. You will be able to monitor your home from anywhere, as well as be alerted to any potential threats anywhere in the world through your phone or other smart devices.

Get Started Automating Your Georgia Home!

Contact us today and we'll walk you through getting started. We can put together a perfectly custom fit home automation system for anyone. Just answer a few questions and we will provide you with options and prices most suitable for your needs.

We offer reliable, professional installation of fully-integrated Crestron home automation systems. What this means is you never have to worry about mix and match components, or figuring out how to program complicated software. You can count on our professionals to install and set up your smart home system so it's all ready to go with zero maintenance from you. Call us now to get started!

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Commercial AV Solutions

Create an Impressive Environment

Commercial AV solutions: Creating an environment that not only functions well but impresses your customers, is the key to modern business success. This can be said for product or service-based businesses, whether you are selling B2B or B2C. For any type of business, you want to present cutting-edge technology to help facilitate your commercial environment - from digital signage, to touch control whiteboards, state-of-the-art sound systems, and more. But, the best AV solutions for commercial spaces are not only integrated seamlessly together but also designed specifically for the people they are meant to serve. Crestron brought to you by Digital Lifestyle Solutions can provide the bespoke solution you need to take your business space to the next level.

The Smart Workspace

Commercial Spaces We Serve

At Digital Lifestyle Solutions, we offer commercial audio video solutions for a variety of businesses, including:

  • Corporate Offices
  • Healthcare Providers
  • Manufacturers
  • Retailers
  • Restaurants
  • Service-Based Businesses
  • Hotels and Hospitality Services
  • Classroom and Auditorium
  • Fitness and Spa Centers

Are you ready to create an innovative commercial environment? From design to installation to maintenance, we offer a full suite of audio-video solutions. Take a look at some of our offerings below.

Partner with us to start designing an audio video solution that best fits the needs of your business and commercial space.

Complete AV Services for your Commercial Space

  • AV Installations and Maintenance
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Zoom Rooms
  • Skype for Business
  • Video Conferencing Custom Solutions
  • Room Scheduling
  • Wireless Presentation (Air Media)
  • AV Installations and Maintenance
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Zoom Rooms
  • Skype for Business
  • Video Conferencing Custom Solutions
  • Room Scheduling
  • Wireless Presentation (Air Media)

Crestron Flex for Microsoft

Intelligent Solutions for Every Space in the Modern Workplace

Crestron has been a Microsoft partner for well over a decade. And has delivered every generation of room system since 2012. Crestron Flex is the latest and most robust result of that partnership. A Unified Communications solution that realizes the full potential of every aspect of the Microsoft ecosystem.

With Flex You Can:

  • Provide native Microsoft Room Systems–for one consistent experience from desktop to boardroom–one easy access to features and updates 
  • Deliver a complete range of Microsoft certified state-of-the art products backed by decades of audio and video expertise 
  • Ensure an easy migration from Skype® for Business to Microsoft Teams 
    • Flex kits are Skype for Business and Teams compatible 
    • Customers can transition at their own pace, within their own budget 
  • Integrate with smart building ecosystem–one touch Flex button connects to scheduling, AV control, room controls

Get Started Automating Your Business Space

With our series of products, there is a solution for every room size and business case. By providing a simple, consistent user experience in all the places you work, Crestron Flex solutions clear the way to a productive, stress-free day. We offer reliable, professional installation of fully-integrated Crestron commercial AV systems. What this means is you never have to worry about mix and match components, or figuring out how to program complicated software. You can count on our professionals to install and set up your commercial AV system so it's all ready to go with zero maintenance from you. Call us now to get started!

Crestron Flex P-Series

Crestron Flex M-Series

Crestron Flex B-Series

Crestron Flex C-Series

Our Process

  1. The first step is simple: place a request online with your information. or call and speak with a knowledgeable, friendly consultant who can listen to your needs and begin shaping solutions.
  2. With the concept in hand, we visit the location to get a full understanding of your space, needs, and any challenges to your project. Knowing the space can save you time and money on your project, whether it's a new installation or a system upgrade.
  3. With all the information gathered, we do the research on the right products and services to make your project a success for you and your end users. The quote is delivered to you for review and questions can be answered at any time.

Only Crestron has been a partner through every generation of Microsoft room system. Crestron Flex is the latest and most robust result of that partnership. A Unified Communications solution that realizes the full potential of every aspect of the Microsoft ecosystem. One partnership. One solution. Worldwide. At Digital Lifestyle Solutions, we are honored to partner with Crestron to bring you the best of the Microsoft ecosystem.

crestron cloud                  microsoft teams           skype for business      zoom rooms

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Atlanta Home Theater

Whether you have an established smart home or are just starting out, a custom home theater system can be a valuable addition. Bringing a true cinema experience into your home is so much more than a large flat-screen television and some speakers. Our experts work to design something truly spectacular that fulfills your needs and desires.

A True Cinematic Experience

We combine the right acoustics, lighting, electronics, controls, and interior design to take your breath away. With names like Triad, Digital Projection, Cortex, Artcoustic and of course Crestron controls you can rest assured the quality is top of the line. Our experts will program everything so you can control your new technology with ease!

Media Rooms

With all the technology out there, we know that your home theater space may need to perform multiple functions. This is why we take the overall design and functionality of the space into consideration. The aesthetics and beauty of the space should not suffer at the hands of high-end tech! We work to use décor and hidden components to complement and elevate the space. Your audio and video may be so inconspicuous, you might forget it was there (until you turn on the audio of course!).

Game Rooms

Maybe you aren’t just looking to watch great movies or sports in your space, maybe you have a younger member of the family (or those young at heart) that love video games. Gone are the days of Pong and Super Mario (although we love the old favorites). Today’s games command the best in screen, projection and audio performance. We can create a custom experience tailored to what you enjoy. Is it playing virtual sports on your 100-inch theater screen? Is it having the best surround sound for the latest fantasy game? We can help bring your gaming experience to life with our customized Atlanta home theater system.

Home Automation

The core of our business is home automation and we offer the best in the industry with Crestron. Our custom programmed home automation system can start with your home theater system or you can tie your new home theater into an existing automation system. This technology helps it all come together and allows you push-button control of everything.

Imagine if when you decided to sit down for family movie night you simply select your “movie” scene. With this press of a button your shades close, lights dim at the perfect level, your screen comes down, sound kicks on, the temperature of the home is adjusted, and your doors are locked with the alarm set. Forget toying around with three different remoted just to get the picture and surround sound!

There is so much a home automation system can offer. Yes, lighting and temperature control are key to a great home theater but think about the energy savings aspect. Energy automation is new and on the rise in today's smart homes. These systems can help regulate where your energy is used and even store it into your very own battery system if you run on solar. Lose power but never miss out on your home entertainment with your very own Sonnen Battery ecoLinx energy automation system.

Hire a Custom Home Theater Professional

Sure, you could install a TV and some speakers yourself, but it wouldn’t be the same. Like we said, if it takes three remotes to get Netflix going, something is wrong! Our experts can help you design from the ground up a system that not only looks stunning but performs above the rest and is simple to control. Tie in our custom Crestron programming and you will be the envy of your block!

Contact us for a free consultation today!

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Sonnen Battery Energy Automation

Sonnen battery energy automation: Introducing the next big thing in home automation. Sonnen combined with ecoLinx gives you a clean, reliable and long-lasting intelligent energy storage system that provides energy independence. Energy automation systems take the guesswork out of managing your home energy supply and create the ultimate smart home experience. Get the most out of your Atlanta smart home and solar investment with this proven energy control system.

Solar Battery & Energy Storage

Digital Lifestyle Solutions has become a certified sonnen dealer, one of the few in Atlanta, GA. We have also partnered with a leading solar company to provide solar solutions as well as automation components. Being a specialist in home automation, Digital Lifestyle Solutions is uniquely positioned to create the most efficient energy and customizable automation system for your Atlanta smart home.

What is Energy Automation?

Energy automation is used to efficiently manage how energy is consumed and devices are powered throughout your home so that overall less energy is consumed. Combining automation software, intelligent circuit breakers, and other elements such as automated lighting, and motorized window shades, allows you to create a home that is as energy-efficient as possible, even in the summer heat of Atlanta, GA!

How Energy Automation Works

The ecoLinx and energy automation software enhance home automation systems by integrating them with residential solar and energy storage, bringing cleantech to smart homes and enabling the ecoLinx to manage how energy is consumed and devices are powered throughout your home. By combining the sonnen ecoLinx intelligent energy storage system with controllable circuit breakers and home automation systems, you can create the ultimate smart home powered by the cleanest energy available. Control your system with any smart device just as you would the rest of your home.

With smart components in place and the software to control everything, you can leave your green home completely on auto-pilot because the software will make micro-adjustments to power usage, temperature control units, even open and close window shades... all of which add up to energy savings.

The Solar Solution

The main components of a solar power system are solar panels, a charge controller, an inverter to turn the direct current power into alternating current, and batteries in which to store the energy. By combining a solar power system with automated energy components and software, your smart home will be as energy-efficient as possible because it will be using energy as conservatively as possible without compromising comfort, and the energy is generated by the sun rather than by a power plant somewhere.

Key Applications of Energy Automation

Smart Configurable Backup

By working with leading home automation systems and controllable circuit breakers, energy automation software allows you to dynamically select how long your backup power will last during a grid outage and automatically manages how your stored energy is used.

Smart Weather Forecasting

Using smart weather forecasting, the energy automation with ecoLinx system detects severe weather, alerts you of a potential power outage, and automatically increases your backup power reserve, ensuring that ample energy is stored to ensure that your family stays powered and protected during an outage.

Smart Demand Control & Load Management

By using advanced software and technology, the system automatically manages and maximizes the use of clean, stored energy to offset peak utility rates and power the home in the cleanest and most efficient way possible. Overall, it allows you to use cleaner, less expensive energy generated during the day and re-deploy it during peak hours (like at night) to ultimately minimize costs and reduce your carbon footprint - without sacrificing comfort.

Configurable User Interface

The ultra-smart, flexible, user-friendly energy automation software in the ecoLinx provides a flexible user interface that integrates with the leading home automation system, Crestron, to manage how your smart devices are powered within the home - including controllable lights, shades, thermostats and more. Contact us at Digital Lifestyle Solutions for more information.

24 Hour Solar Self-consumption

The ecoLinx seamlessly integrates with new and existing solar systems to provide access to the benefits of solar energy production 24-hours a day! sonnen's smart electronics manage energy use throughout the day, detecting when there's excess power and storing it for use at night.

Time-of-Use Management

The ecoLinx stores energy when it is abundant and less expensive and uses it to power your home when energy is less abundant and more expensive. By managing energy usage throughout the day, ecoLinx uses advanced features - like smart demand control and smart load management - to lower electricity bills, decrease carbon emissions and maximize clean energy usage throughout the day.

Energy Saving Benefits

Adjustments like having automated shades close part or all the way in sunny rooms during the hottest part of the day, or intelligent lighting that only comes on when people are in the room, all combine to create considerable energy savings. The automation software allows you to make many micro-adjustments around the clock. Just set your preferences and the sonnen ecoLinx system will balance and maintain itself to consume as little power as possible, without sacrificing comfort or needed power to your devices.

A Safe, Sleek, All-in-one Solution

The Battery

The ecoLinx intelligent energy storage system uses lithium-iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery technology, one of the most reliable, safest and longest-lasting storage technologies currently available. LiFePO4 is one of the most popular technologies for stationary storage systems due to its uniquely high chemical stability and resulting high reliability, durability and long lifespan. Our ecoLinx intelligent energy management and storage systems are warrantied to last for 15,000 cycles / 15 years and are UL Listed, ensuring safety and performance for your home.

All-in-one Design

The ecoLinx is a complete intelligent energy storage system - ready for connection. This means that inside of every ecoLinx you'll find not only the extremely durable battery modules but also an inverter, the intelligent CPU, <100ms Automatic Transfer Switch, balance of systems and an intelligent energy manager that controls it all - in one sleek unit. Each ecoLinx unit is scalable in size from 10kWh up to 20kWh and multiple units can be installed in parallel with separate protected loads panels for each unit. Note: The ecoLinx system does not include controllable circuit breakers, the Adapt Energy Automation Panel, or front-end home automation systems.

Tech Specs - sonnen ecoLinx

  • General

    Maximum efficiency of inverter: 93 % Ambient temperatures: 41 – 113° F Enclosure Rating: NEMA 12 AC Specifications: 240 VAC / split phase / 60 Hz
  • Applications

    Smart configurable backup power Smart demand control and load management Smart weather forecasting Time-of-use management Solar self-consumption Home automation integration
  • Power Unit

    Continuous output: (AC) 8,000 W Usable capacity: 10 kWh - 20 kWh (in 2 kWh steps) Dimensions (in) W/H/D: 26/84/16 Backup power capability
  • UL Listing

    Certified to UL 9540, UL 1741 (inverter) and UL 1973 (batteries) standards and FCC part 15 Class B compliant.
  • Nominal Power Rating

    Off-grid output at 25 deg C: 7kW for ecoLinx 10 and 8kW for ecoLinx 12-20 On-grid output at 25 deg C: 7kW for ecoLinx 10-20
  • Lifespan / Warranty*

    Industry leading standard lifetime of 15,000 charge cycles or 15 years. *Please observe our applicable warranty conditions

More about Digital Lifestyle Solutions

Digital Lifestyle Solutions engineers, programs, installs and maintains smart home technology and commercial control systems in Buckhead, Alpharetta and the greater Atlanta area. We provide simple control of integrated technology and automation comprised of audio, video, lighting, motorized window shades, climate control, energy and power management, and networking. Our extensive experience, expert Crestron programming, customer-focused approach, and high quality of service makes it easy for you to experience all the benefits of customized technology solutions for your home or business. Contact us today!

We look forward to serving you!

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Atlanta Home Automation

Atlanta home automation: Digital Lifestyle Solutions takes pride in creating the future in the present here in Atlanta. We make the quality of life better for thousands of homeowners who see the
incredible benefits home automation brings to the table. Crestron home automation brought to you by the experts at Digital Lifestyle Solutions is designed to elevate your lifestyle in the simplest way possible.

Technology is an amazing thing and when applied to a home it can create a smart environment that drastically improves your quality of life. A smart home can help
decrease stress while improving lifestyle. Bringing Home Automation to Atlanta has been a major focus of our company. We want to spread the word and share how
many of the things people consider "the future" is actually available right now. You do not necessarily have to be in the city of Atlanta to get this service either. We provide automation services to the greater Atlanta area to include:

  • Marietta
  • Alpharetta
  • Buckhead
  • Roswell.

GA's Home Automation Experts

Envision walking into your home after a long day at the office. The lights are on, your favorite music is in the background and door unlocks to welcome you in. At Digital Lifestyle Solutions, we want to make this dream a reality. This is why we provide several different automation services for you and your home. Whether you need automated lights or a home theater when you work with us, you are getting the quality you expect in a timeline that is fitting to you! Our friendly, Atlanta home automation crew has experience programming anything you can think of for your home, and we cannot wait to help you!

What is Smart Home Technology?

There is no reason every system in a home needs to be separate. The idea behind good smart home technology is that it connects an array of devices and allows for simple control through a smart device. Sensors, programs, and appliances are connected together with your personal device so you can watch, access, or control multiple parts of the home from anywhere In the world. The best smart home technology is that it has the ability to self-monitor. The system can report on any potential issues before they become a larger problem, giving you full peace of mind.

Atlanta Home Automation Services

  • Energy Automation

    Smart homes are much more energy efficient. Energy automation takes it to the next level by giving you a clean, reliable and long-lasting intelligent energy storage system that provides energy independence. You can have more control over how much energy is used, how much is saved and even get suggestions for hitting power use goals. Homeowners have never had this much control before!
  • Lighting Control

    Smart lighting control is a fantastic addition to any home. Through a smartphone or panel, you can dim the lights for a romantic evening, turn off the lights in another room during bedtime, or turn on lights in a public room to see what that noise at night is. You might just catch the cat or dog getting into mischief. The ability to adjust and preset lighting without having to get up and move around the house is an amazing convenience, especially when winding down at night or away from the home.
  • Climate Control

    Smart energy climate control means your home knows what the ideal comfortable temperature is and how to adjust your thermostat or controlled HVAC to keep the house there. Stay pleasantly cool in the summer, and pleasantly warm in the winter. Whatever the season, the smart home can adjust while using as little energy as possible.
  • Smart Security

    Nothing is more important than keeping your family safe. Control your security, look around the property with outside video cameras and be able to lock down the house and call authorities all with a simple push of the button or swipe on the phone. Smart security allows you to stay much safer.
  • Surveillance

    You can have cameras both inside your Atlanta home or outside for security. The ability to add in a home security monitoring system that checks up on you if an alarm goes off is a very easy thing to do with a fully integrated smart home.
  • Motorized Window Treatments

    Add beautiful shades that can be controlled at the push of a button. Up to let the sun in during the day, down for privacy at night, or even open to watch a gentle rain pass your home by. Whatever your preference, this gives a great and easy way to take care of how much visibility comes in or out all at one push of a button.
  • Audio/Video Control

    Why just have a TV when you can have a full home theater system? Hit one button for surround sound; hit another to bring the volume down. Enjoy an unprecedented amount of control over your home viewing experience whether relaxing on the weekend or during family movie night.

More about Digital Lifestyle Solutions

So What Are You Waiting For?

There is a lot to love about home automation in Atlanta. Not only do each of the earlier possible upgrades often find legions of fans, but also many of the homeowners who enjoyed a free initial consultation ended up absolutely loving features that they didn't originally think about. Why go another day without your own "home of tomorrow?"  whether you're ready to make the jump or have questions, concerns, or are just plain intrigued, contact us today to set up a no-pressure, no-obligation free consultation and let's talk about how we can make your home smarter for you!

We Travel

Digital Lifestyle Solutions is pleased to announce that we can come to you no matter where you are. We have the ability to provide smart home services in:

  • Georgia
  • North Carolina
  • Florida
  • Tennessee
  • and more

Call today to see if our services are available in your area!

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